Naples on Film

These shots were taken in and around Naples, Italy in the summer of 2016.  They were shot on a Pentax ME Super with it’s Asahi 50mm f1.7.  The film used was once again Photo Warehouse Ultrafine asa 400.  I shot three rolls of film while on my travels.  I developed it at home and scanned in my canoscan 9000f.  I was a bit disappointed with the results the lens was not as sharp as I would have liked.

Most of the shots were shot around f5.6 to f8, as far as I can recall.  I would have preferred to shoot wider open to get more depth of field.  From more recent experiences with this same setup I think it has a nice depth of field and a very nice bokeh effect.

One of my biggest disappointments was in how the sky is rendered on film.  there is a lot of grain.  I found this strange since all of the photos were shot in bright conditions.  Again I had issues with the film getting dirty, I will have to be more careful with my storage in the future.  While using the Pentax, I preferred its feel in the hand and the response of the controls and film advance lever over the Canon AE-1 Program.  But after seeing the results I think the Canon lenses are of a higher quality.  I still think the Pentax body has better features and is easier to use than the Canon.  In the future I may have to take both out at the same time to get a good idea of which is the better setup.


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